"I write the songs that the whole world sings."

Reversion, Regression, Redemption


I haven't updated this thing in over four years!  Reading past entries make me cringe, each page a haunting reminder that: I was once an utter boor; my words did not mobilize  -- never did I act or improve or achieve -- at all ; and my past insecurities remain current ones.  I'd say the only refreshing thing about my archive is that an honest appreciation of my friends pervades throughout the journal,  indicative of the strong feeling of fraternity among us.  While I still love them like brothers, we no longer roll as deep, as hard or as strong; we hardly roll at all.

Those friends aside, it is fitting that my return entry is in dedication to a friend that has never before graced these pages: my pal Denis.  If you're a jealous man, Denis is loathsome.  He's the handsomest guy in the room -- 6'3", thin and muscular build with a rock star's sense of style;  pitches left-handed with a mid-80's fastball and good breaking stuff; a brilliant casino gambler and ace poker player; he's working-class with earnest sensibilities; and he writes the best music that no one's ever heard.   The man has virtually everything going for him, but still manages to connect with a sad and downtrodden fellow.  Tonight, Denis with some kind words and a simple promise made me feel as special as he is.  He gave me a different outlook.  Talk about words that mobilize.

Denis is a man that I love and I'm not afraid to say it.

All about a Love...Untold.
They were gonna meet
On a Rocky Mountain street
Two bashful hearts beat in advance
Their hands were gonna sweat
It was all set
She ain't showed up yet
Still a good chance

It's a love untold
It's a love untold

Checking on her face
Checks his sleeve for his ace
And both just in case wear clean underwear
Games would be played
Excuses would be made
The stupid things they said
In their prayers

Oh about a love untold
It's a love untold

Soft hands slowly move across the blank white page
Thinking of words for my silent lips and fingers to obey

They were gonna meet on a crummy little street
It never came to be I'm told
Does anyone recall the saddest love of all
The one that lets you fall nothing to hold
It's the love untold...
Once upon a love untold
Just another love untold

They were gonna meet on a crummy little street
We were gonna meet on a crummy little street

Tonight makes love to all our kind
If you were a pill, I'd take a handful at my will - and I'd knock you back with something sweet and strong.

"I support the culture of life." - George W. Bush

Whatever the hell that means! It's so superfluous! Life is an intrinsic part of culture!!!

It's a damn shame that you're not me
And my motto, stack rocks like Colorado.

And it's hard to come to grips with you. I don't know how to tell you, but I'm sure you know. It's not how it used to be, half a year ago. But I'm not skilled at these things, and I hope that you read this and understand how I feel. And realize what has to happen, so you can have a realization too. And eventually I'll have another one.

I more than love you, but just not in that way.
I hope that you'll forgive me, somehow, someday soon.

achin' to be
Achin' To Be - Maybe the most depressing
Replacements song. You need some professional

"She closes her mouth to speak and
Closes her eyes to see
Thought about an' only loved
She's achin' to be
Just like me"

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You're still in love with nobody. And I won't tell nobody.
Heart aches. On your wedding day. Double takes -- when you look my way.

bastards of young
Bastards Of Young - Full of youth and pissed of is
how you live.

"We are the sons of no one, bastards of

What Replacements Song Are You?
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I can't seem to break this
....we're going the distance, while growing distant....

such an unfortunate fate.


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